Historical-cultural routes - Hotel dei Conti Toscana - Castelnuovo Val di Cecina - Pisa

Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and its Medieval Hamlet, a walk in the past.

Visits as proposed by the local Tourist's office:
Medieval Hamlet through a signed Route - C11(characteristical views such as the Chiassino, Porta Fiorentina with the typical small squares, Piazza del Popolo);
Churches (S.Salvadore,della Purificazione in borgo);
Oratorio di S.Rocco;
Lower part of the Medieval Hamlet with the town's wall and the ancient town gates

Sasso Pisano, ancient sacred termal centre

Visits as proposed by the local Tourist's office:
Medieval Hamlet
Church of S.Bartolomeo Apostolo
Buca di S.Rocco
Etruscan and Roman Museum
Church of the Enel village projected by the architect Michelucci
Scared roman thermal complex.
Small village of Vecchienne (on specific request)

Montecastelli Pisano, small Hamlet with gorgeous sights

Visits as proposed by the local Tourist's office:
The Hamlet
The Museum of rural civilization
Romanic church of the Saints Jacopo and Filippo
Castle with the tower of the Pannocchieschi
Fairies' den

Leccia, very ancient medieval Hamlet and its surroundings

Visits as proposed by the local Tourist's office:
Hamlet with the Chiesa Castellana of St. Bartolomeo Apostle on the inside of which the painting of the Madonna with child can be found
Church of the Madonna of the book
Fount of milk (on specific request)

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