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In the economy of Castelnuovo, the chestnut tree has always played an important role, as it gifted the population with wood as well as with food for human beings and animals. The chestnut represented an important integration of the daily diet for the people there, and could grant them survival in case of drought or of a poor harvest. The presence of a chestnut tree in the emblem of the township underlines the role this arboreal essence has played in the Economy of this land.

Each year in October people over there celebrate "Castagnalandia" a big feast around the chestnut, which takes place every year with a different historical collocation and enjoys the vivid participation off all local people.

Our woods, made of chestnut trees and other trees like different kinds of oak and beech trees and Oaks, are a fresh natural shelter during the summer, as they are also furnished with pic-nic-areas, but mostly towards the end of summer and early autumn they become a rich place where you can find and collect different kinds of edible mushrooms, among them we'd like to point out the well-known and esteemed boletus - as well as our delicious chestnuts. In the same woods hunters go for wild boars during the winter months.

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