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San Gimignano emerges from a hill (m.334) dominating the plain of Val d'Elsa with the skyline of its two towers. It is the seat of a small Etruscan village belonging to the Hellenistic period (III-II century before Christ) and its history begins around the 10th century when it took the name of the Saint Bishop of Modena who is said to have rescued it from the barbaric invasions: San Gimignano.

The village of San Gimignano reached its full economic development and became free municipality in 1199 with the help of the " Via Francigena " that crossed the village. The town became the scene of many battles: first it fought against the Bishops of Volterra, then it was divided into two factions. Its population was decimated in 1348 because of the plague, and this contributed to the crisis of this town, which had a new birth when its cultural importance and architectonic beauties were discovered again.


The Dome, an important monument of the Romanic architecture in Tuscany.

The municipal palace, one of the most important monuments of San Gimignano, inside you can find the Towns Museum, which exposes painting soft he famous "scuola fiorentina e senese" belonging to the 13th century.

The church of S.Agostino, with its unique nave in Romanic style with gothic elements.

The Museum of sacred Art, with objects that are very precious. Remember the wooden sculptures of the 14th century.

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